Around Grignan

Around Grignan

Whenever you vacation at the Faventine, in the guest room or the apartments, Grignan in the heart of the Drôme Provençale is the land of lavender, wine (AOP Grignan les Adhémar) and truffles.


Grignan has a rich past, belonging to the Adhémar family of Monteil since the 13th century, then to the Counts of Grignan. Today it is the property of the Drôme department, famous for its connection to the Marquise of Sévigné, celebrated woman of letters who was at the Versailles court of Louis XIV. She wrote regularly to her daughter, the Countess of Grignan, and visited the chateau several times before dying there in April 1696.   There is a splendid view of this region of Provence from the chateau terrace, looking toward Mont Ventoux, Mont Mésenc and Mont Gerbier de Jonc. Don’t miss this magical place, open all year long for individual or group visits with a guide The great summer attraction at the chateau is the Nocturnes, settings of important works from classical and contemporary theater. Hundreds of spectators crowd into the outdoor seats to see the plays each evening in July and August.

Just below the chateau is the remarkable 16th century Collégiale, the Collegiate Church St. Sauveur of Grignan. The Marquise of Sévigné is buried here. The village of Grignan was built all around the chateau of stone houses with roofs of Roman tiles which reflect Grignan’s origins.


Throughout the year there are numerous events in the life of the town: evening markets, literary cafés, concerts, days organized around the truffle, emblem of Grignan.

A walk around the little streets and lanes of the town will lead you to discover the extraordinary route of heritage rosebushes. Over 400 rosebushes of more than 150 varieties offer an unforgettable spectacle, especially in the month of May. Boutiques, art workshops, restaurants, architectural details all add to the special charm of Grignan. At every corner you will find signs of the Provence whose markets are so well known, including the one in Grignan.

You mustn’t miss the the Town Hall Square with its fountain and statue of Madame de Sévigné, seated with a feather pen in hand. This is where the Correspondance Festival begins every year in July, when the lavender is in full bloom and the public is ever more numerous.


You like walking, horseback riding, long bike rides, golf- all of these activities are easily found around Grignan. If you prefer to discover our beautiful Provence by car, in half an hour you can be in Nyons, famous for its climate and olives. Montélimar, another typical Provençale town with rich historical ties and its world-famous nougat, a dozen nougat kitchens will unveil their secrets to you.

Mont Ventoux dominates the region from almost 2000m altitude. Don’t forget your wind-breaker even in the summertime, its name means what it says, windy!

Vaison la Romaine and Orange are both celebrated for their summer festivals and they are not far away. Wine amateurs will find a whole range of excellent wineries with the reputation of their label:   Grignan les Adhémar.

  • Madame de Sévigné (1626-1696)

    Madame de Sévigné (1626-1696)

  • Théâtre au Chateau de Grignan

    Théâtre au Chateau de Grignan

  • Nyons et ses oliviers, à 30mn

    Nyons et ses oliviers, à 30mn

  • Montélimar et ses nougats

    Montélimar et ses nougats, à 25mn

  • Collégiale de Grignan

    Collégiale de Grignan

  • Grignan


  • Grignan, gloriette aux roses anciennes

    Grignan, gloriette aux roses anciennes

  • Grignan, porte aux roses anciennes

    Grignan, porte aux roses anciennes

  • Lavandes


  • Rousset-les-Vignes



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